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Magic Easel Art Studio Gallery represents only Professional Artists.

Artists who have been traditionally trained and understand all painting techniques, fine art composition and how to get emotional response from a painting.

Our Professional Artists work daily in the Magic Easel studio and we believe a great Professional Artist can paint anything!

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Tel: 0118 9483155 for an appointment

or email gallery@magic-easel.com



Caroline is an abstract painter, an interpreter and landscape painter.

Caroline likes to tell a story that is intriguing.

She believes that painting different genres; impressionistic and abstract develops her painting abilities and gives her a broad understanding of paint, form and concept.

Caroline is an explorer. An explorer of paint and an explorer of image. She is particularly interested in the relativity of space and form.

She is listed in the Public Catalogue and has many paintings and prints in public spaces, hotels, restaurants and offices.


Caroline plans, Caroline conceptualises, Caroline draws, Caroline works colour with vigour in creating her abstracts

Caroline works in a 'series' of paintings, generally creating 11-13 paintings in each series.

Not forgetting the incredible mess she makes with paint, medium and media!


Caroline sits in the landscape makes drawings, works out colour and proportion of space to get a great landscape.

She likes to play with perspective and get some original style.


Caroline is playful = she likes to work with paint, technique and colour and bring in form.

She likes to create paintings in dfferent ways with different procedures.




Cat is an exceptional draughtsman. A hugely knowledgeable painter on all techniques and a contributor of painting tuition to Art Magazines.

She is currently investigating 'colour' in an attempt to 'invent' new colour and widen her repertoire!

Her current art tuitional is in Leisure Painter = August 2017 issue

Cat's passion is landscape.

Cat's Portraits Cat is also an established Portrait Painter




Authentic realism, drawn idealism and layered surrealism!

The completely original style of Charlie is stunning, intriguing and very endearing.

Charlie undertakes a lot of commissions.

Charlie's ideas are so original and exciting that everyone recognises a Charlie Baker immediately.




Loves chaotic line. Only working in oils, she has created some amazing techniques, including her special hand made paint.

Her process is long and complicated but results in effortless looking paintings.

She wants complication with simplicity. A difficult combination but her processes enable the concept.

Each painting takes around 3-6 months to create and even longer to dry!