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Why do we 'paint'?

Making marks on surface started with the 'Cave Men' in the Prehistoric period. 35,000 years ago!

These marks were forms of 'messaging'. The cave men had rudimentary 'paint' made from ground minerals dug from the earth.

These prehistoric people painted animals, figures, patterns and 'blew' mineral 'pigment', which they bound with urine or egg onto cave walls, around their hands. No-one is really sure why, but the images found in caves have left a legacy of a particular human trait. The desire to COMMUNICATE.

about painting and why we paint
Prehistoric 'Painting'
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Posted on 2nd July 2017 by Caroline Hulse.


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TODAY = 35,000 years later we are still communicating

Every painter has their own reasons to communicate. Sometimes being able to paint is just 'within you' or inherited..

Look at Picasso and Francis Bacon, both of whom showed extraordinary TALENT at mark making at very early ages.

They HAD to paint.

The artists that Magic Easel Studio Gallery represent also HAVE to paint.

They started young and they were lucky enough to be able to continue and to be able to make their careers in painting.

It's a privilege being an artist.

You can be taught painting 'skills' but it is within you that you have an eye for colour, proportion of space, tone and the ability to 'tell a story'in mark making.

As an occasional teacher of painting, I realise some people just 'have it' and were born painters.

Cat, Charlie and myself were born painters. We started painting very young and saw 'life' as a series of lines, colour, tones and stories. Life was 'a mental image'!

It wasn't until I was 8 years old that I realised I was 'different'. I thought everyone drew landscapes in their head. I thought everyone saw grass as purple, yellow and blue = not just green! I thought everyone realised a face was made up of dark and light spaces and different shaped line. I thought everyone related 'life' to image, tone and colour.

I was wrong! At 8 years of age, I realised we are all different. Which was very exciting. I was very grateful I could escape life with my mental imagery of beautiful things. I was very grateful I could disappear into myself and put marks on paper and everyone went, 'wow' fantastic' 'how did you do that?'

I sold my first painting at 11 years of age. I won many art competitions. The monetary rewards I received for my images enabled me to buy more paints, more paper, more canvas.

And so it goes on!!

  about painting and why we paint


Parting with a painting just created = is still difficult!.

Sometimes I pretend the painting isn't finished, so I can hang on to it for just a little bit longer!

However, the point of painting is for everyone to enjoy the art works we create.

Nothing is more exciting than getting up in the morning, going to the studio and seeing a painting in the process of creation. You lie awake at night mentally mark making, going through colour and mentally analysing the proportion of space.

There is nothing more satisfying than realising your painting is being admired or debated or disliked(!) by someone else.

Painting is just like reading a good book or listening to music.

The painter is placing a little bit of themselves into your hands.

The author is placing a little bit of themselves into your hands.

The musician is placing a little bit of themselves into your hands.

The only difference is Painting creates ONE UNIQUE item.

One precious creation that IS unique. It is only ONE original.

To a certain degree prints have weakened painting. People forget there is actually, only one UNIQUE item. A precious unique object. That the painter has created and can only create ONCE.

Even if the painter tries to paint that painting again = it will be DIFFERENT!

A very very very precious occupation Painting!

about painting and why we paintPaintings on paper by Charlie & Cat

A good painter will have poured tons of emotion into every painting they create.

The painting will have been planned, drawn and drawn again. Thought about for ages.


Because the painter wants you to explore the visual 'journey'. To feel 'the emotion' that hopefully exudes from every brush mark.

To indulge in the cacophony of colour the painter has carefully and excitedly placed on the surface.

We don't expect everyone to love everything we create.

We expect some people to 'Hate' our paintings.

That's good also.

As long as you 'feel' something when you look at our paintings. Excitement, fear, love, intrigue, joy

We have won

Love or hate = it doesn't matter.

As long as we have stirred a strong emotion in you!

We have done our job as Painters.

about painting and why we paint
A French Landscape and 'Lost Hampsters' by Caroline


Such a difficult question.

How do you think a painting should be priced?

The length of time the painting took?

The 'training' of the artist?

The 'experience' of the artist?

Because the artist is disabled?

The cost of the paint and the canvas?

The cost of maintaining a studio. The lighting, the heating, the rent or mortgage?

The 'reputation' of the artist?

Like every 'job' the painter has to be paid! How can they keep painting if they have no money?

If we priced our paintings according to length of time a painting takes plus the cost of materials. Per hour! Then even with the minimum wage, the price of the painting would be in thousands of pounds.

Every little bit of a painter (their whole life story, their emotional life journey which makes them that sort of painter) is in a painting.

So now do you see the difficulty?!!

about painting and why we paint


Without hopefully sounding 'soppy' = a professional painter is a very special person.

They put themselves visually for everyone to see.

Here, at Magic Easel, we choose special people.

Painters who paint because they have to (it's very privileged to feel 'passion' about life) and have the courage to be 'judged' but more importantly have the ability and knowledge to create.

We paint for you. The people who want to share beauty and journeys and creativity.

Placing a blue painting in a blue bedroom or choosing a painting that matches decor = nothing wrong with that but we like to think our paintings are worth looking at, every day. Indulging in and going on the journey that the artist has created.

Please indulge in the emotional creation, that is a painting.

Whatever subject our artists are painting, portraits, landscapes, abstracts, still life etc, every painting is created with love and passion.

When you buy a painting, you are taking a little bit of that painter.

It might be important to tell you that every painting we create is a 'Fine Art' painting which means it is specifically composed to be a painting you will want to look at FOREVER!

YOU are also a special person who understands who we are and what we are doing.

We thank you, we love you and we hope we have enriched your lives.

We send our paintings with Love and Create them with Passion.

  about painting and why we paint